In 2010, we began a quantitative market research project to determine the levels of brand awareness, opinions on one of our client’s brand positioning and the emotion and attitude evoked within the insurance sector.

Our objectives included the design of a questionnaire, encompassing question structure and response design. We also had to ensure the right type of response capture to enable a robust statistical analysis. We advised on appropriate sample size to ensure statistical significance of results. The delivery of the questionnaire was then carried out via telephone. The results were then presented back to the client with analysis using appropriate statistical modelling software.

Market Research Challenges

The challenge of this campaign was to ensure that each of the interviews were conducted to the required level and that any information we gathered was accurate and correct. To achieve the best possible results, we fully briefed the team on the project and utilised a thorough quality control procedure that meant that our contact demographics and gathered data were accurate.

Close Monitoring

The client closely monitored the data penetration and secured interview conversions generated from each list supplied, while we closely monitored the quality of calls and carried out ongoing audit procedures. We delivered weekly reports, which consistently measured against the key performance indicators and an agreed service level.

Market Research Services

Ant Marketing has offered and conducted a wide range of market research solutions for over 17 years. We have worked with numerous clients across all business and public sectors, both in the UK and abroad. We are committed to meeting our clients’ requirements and have been able to build lasting relationships as a result.

We are constantly striving to add value by suggesting enhancements to the projects and providing a whole host of management information on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so that the client is continuously informed of our activity. We have a dedicated and multi-skilled market research team available at all times for projects, many of whom have been with Ant Marketing for several years, building up an excellent skill base and aptitude during their time with us. We are governed by ISO20252 (MRQSA) codes of conduct, guaranteeing a robust and trustworthy outcome.

The service we provide is dependent on the specific requirements of the client, however we are able to cover questionnaire construction, questionnaire delivery via telephone and subsequent results analysis. If you would like more information on our market research services, take a look here.

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