Many outbound call centres and lead generation agents often suffer with low productivity. And despite the best efforts of team leaders and managers to raise morale it is still a struggle to consistently reach the level of productivity required. So what is the problem? Is it that agents are incapable of meeting their targets, or are certain practices being overlooked by contact centres, setting their team up for failure? Let’s take a look at some of the common oversights that can affect results…

Inconsistent Call Monitoring

Listening to and regulating calls made by agents is important, as it allows managers to help agents maintain a standard and learn from mistakes. If this monitoring and feedback is not consistent, standards can slip. There is also the possibility that agent’s sense of accountability is lost, resulting in dips in productivity. Monitoring agent performance can not only detect which areas need to be worked on, but giving help and support also encourages the team and provides motivation to improve.

Team Manager, Bethany Fearn, tells us how Ant Marketing’s appointment setting team maintains the highest standards possible…

“At the Antenna House Appointment Setting Department, we maintain a 100% audit on all appointments sent to the client, ensuring there is no room for less-than-perfect appointments. Any appointments that fall below these standards are passed back to the calling agents for them to reconfirm the details required. We are so confident in the quality of our appointments that our clients receive a recording of the call along with all appointment details”.

Overlooking Team Satisfaction

Team morale, individual satisfaction and motivation is crucial when it comes to productivity. While our industry can be fun, sociable and even exciting on occasion, as with any career, there are certain stresses that come with the job. If an agent is having a hard time meeting targets, it’s easy for them to become demoralised. The key is to recognise when your team is struggling with motivation and provide a solution. We have previously discussed how we try to engage our team and keep them happy!

Failing to Follow up

Many contact centres neglect to follow up on leads that have expressed an interest in products or services. It goes without saying that being proactive about contacting leads should result in more business, but by implementing this strategy and ensuring that promising contacts are followed up on, you can drastically improve productivity.

Ant Marketing have many contact centre solutions from customer service to market research. Take a look at our services page to see how we can help you.

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