Whether large or small, companies are always looking to convert their appointments into sales, or develop them into lasting partnerships which will result in meaningful and profitable business. 

Appointment generation is a key strategy for many companies when looking to grow and reach new clients, but the return on investment is often a deciding factor when looking to work with an outsource partner. One of the ways in which companies can ensure that time, money and effort is being used efficiently is by talking to your outsource partner so that they are able to secure quality appointments for you and your team. Lay out your targets and expectations and what it is exactly you are looking for in a prospective client, and they will be able to ensure that the results they deliver are the types of results that will work for you long term. 

Ant Marketing has been providing an outbound appointment generation and database build function for one of the world’s largest banking institutions over the past four years. We were tasked with generating sales appointments on a national scale for relationship managers, based on agreed upon criteria. This criteria included the level of decision making capability of the prospect, the timescale of decision to purchase, and the financial level of the purchase. We implemented a robust quality control procedure that made sure that every appointment was within the pre-agreed parameters, and determined whether there was a real purpose for the appointment. Only pre-audited appointments ever reached the client, with huge success rates at the audit stage and a tiny cancellation rate once received by the client.

Other activities carried out by Ant Marketing included handling inbound enquiries to generate additional sales, creating a database for both re-contact and direct marketing activity, increasing brand awareness, and providing market research information for future campaigns. You can read more information about how we conducted appointment generation for the global banking institution here.

While some of these practices may not be relevant, we always implement procedures to provide the best possible results, tailoring campaigns specifically to our clients’ needs. We continually strive to deliver a lower cost-per-appointment through consultative feedback and working in partnership with the client. If you would like more information on how we can help you develop meaningful and lasting relationships with your clients, please get in touch.

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