Those of you that live in Sheffield could not have helped but notice that the city has been invaded with big, colourful elephants over the past few months. The Herd of Sheffield is a city-wide installation, whereby local artists were asked to come up with their own designs to be painted onto the elephants, which were then dotted around Sheffield for people to go hunting for using the Herd of Sheffield app. If you would like to know more about the Herd of Sheffield, you can read up on the project on the BBC website.

Going, Going, Gone!

The 58 elephants were auctioned off at a special event at the world famous Crucible on the 20th October in order to raise money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital. When we heard the elephants were being auctioned, we couldn’t resist going along to bid – especially as money was being raised for such a worthy cause. With hundreds of people bidding, we couldn’t be sure that we would be able to get our hands on one, but we’re pleased to say that our very own ElephANT will now be joining the team at our Antenna offices!

Following a Different Herd

It was a tough choice with so many beautiful designs to pick from, but we selected “I Follow a Different Herd”. The elephant was placed at Victoria Quays so is perfectly suited for us! He is dressed in 24ct Gold Leaf and contains hundreds of Swarovski crystals. You can see how much each of the 58 elephants raised here.

Ant Kids and A Week of Fundraising 

A phenomenal £410,600 was raised for The Children’s Hospital Charity, and we are extremely proud to say that our contribution of £5,200 helped the charity to reach such a wonderful amount. We couldn’t have done it without the hard work, selflessness and dedication of all the staff at Ant Marketing as we had a big fund raising drive on behalf of our own charity, Ant Kids. Ant Kids aids and supports disadvantaged, ill and socially deprived children in Sheffield, so we thought there was no better place for Ant Kids to contribute to than the Children’s Hospital Charity.

We had a week’s worth of events and fund raising days to get enough money to be able to buy our ElephANT. Take a look at some of the things we got up to below…

Some brave souls volunteered to have their chests waxed on waxing day!

image 2

Don Yeoman and Paul Green raised £130 shaving their luscious locks off. Thanks to Rhys Wainwright for the barber work!


We held Pizza Monday where the office was turned into a pizzeria for the day – big thanks to Holly Fordham for playing chef.


A team games day was held, as well as a dress down day. We also had a pick & mix day. Plenty of old favourites on offer!

We’ll have plenty of pictures once our ElephANT arrives. Keep your eyes peeled…

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