Delivering great customer service is more than simply being helpful when you pick up the phone.

Of course, solving your customers’ problems is the ultimate goal when you provide customer service, but to do this, you need to connect with them on a deeper level to ensure their experience is memorable for the right reasons. Here are four ways in which you can enhance your support services and build loyalty among your customer base.


Being able to talk to someone who not only understands your problem, but understands how you feel is hugely important to a customer. While online forms of customer service provide a certain level of convenience, to provide a truly empathetic service, nothing is better than talking to someone on the phone. Not only are customer service representatives able to provide a clear and direct solution to an issue, but they can also put the customer at ease with a reassuring tone of voice. The human touch goes a long way in terms of the overall experience, and ensuring that you are being as empathetic as possible will result in a stronger relationship with your customers.


You need to be available to your customers at times that suit them, not you. If you don’t have the capacity to be able to answer calls after working hours, it may be time to consider outsourcing to a company that is capable of offering out of hours support, or even round the clock support. Making yourself available is one thing, but being able to speak to your customers quickly is also important. 93% of people have said that the maximum time they are prepared to wait on hold is 5 minutes – if you leave customers waiting any longer than that, you run the risk of making an already frustrating situation even worse.


If you have overseas customers, you also need to think about accessibility. Just offering an English language customer service channel may be short sighted, but by offering support in different languages, you are showing that all of your customers are valued equally. We have a dedicated international division at Ant Marketing, employing over 50 professionals from different parts of the world, speaking more than 30 languages and dialects. We offer a localised approach to accommodate each independent market and manage multi-country global sales, marketing, research and customer service strategies from one location. Take a look at our international services for more information.

Structured Relationships

Quite often, customers will need to make multiple calls or contact across various channels. Being able to track the stage of the resolutions and monitor where the customer is at is not only useful for you, but also provides a seamless experience for the customer. This generates a more personalised exchange and leaves your customer feeling valued.

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