Building a rapport with your customers is the key to keeping your current ones coming back, and to attracting new ones.

Once you have gained new customers through a solid marketing campaign, to keep them you need to build on the trust they have placed in your company. It’s very easy for new customers to turn off if they receive poor service, and you can forget about referrals or recommendations if your current customers don’t have faith in you. To strengthen your relationship, you not only have to deliver on what you have promised, but also provide top class support should anything go wrong.

Here are some of the ways your business can achieve a high level of trust…

Be Secure

Ensure your SSL protection is up to date and displayed on your website so that anybody purchasing via your site is aware that you have the necessary security certificates. Even if your business does not have an e-commerce platform, you need to reassure your customers that their data is safe with you. As more and more global companies are suffering data leaks, your clients will need reassurance that you are doing your best to keep their information safe. Take a look at the legislation surrounding GDPR and why this still matters if you are trading in the EU.

Be Active

Social media is a great tool to help you build brand visibility, but it’s also an extremely effective way to help build trust. Being active and available online reassures potential customers that you are easily reached and contactable for small queries. From here you can direct people with issues to your telephone number to talk things through with a customer service representative. You can also control brand perception and give your followers a better understanding of the personality of your business.

Be Personal

Having a strong “human” element to your business contributes to building a strong relationship with your customer base. Knowing they can pick up the phone and talk to somebody that can help them is extremely comforting. This goes beyond having someone to answer the phone though – you need a team of dedicated, empathetic and professional representatives to interact with callers.

Be Available

You should never leave customers in the dark. If you are conducting a product recall or need to share important information about changes to a product or service, you should aim for consistent communication. You need to make yourself available for customers to contact you too. Be available outside of the standard working hours to accommodate those that may be working when you are, and if you have customers from overseas, you should have representatives which speak their language. You can read more about availability and accessibility here.

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