Strategy is key to any marketing campaign, and launching without one can lead to extremely poor results.

A staggering number of businesses launch marketing campaigns without having a strategy in place, which means the different arms of the campaign can become disjointed and ultimately less effective. A balance must be struck between the quality and quantity of each marketing method, and only by aligning your efforts and measuring them can you determine how they should be adjusted. Here’s how to lay the foundations of a successful marketing strategy to ensure your results are the best they possibly can be.

Be Systematic

Create a framework or structured breakdown to help you analyse where you are currently, where you want to be and the steps you need to take to achieve that. This will help you to determine who you need to reach and how you need to reach them. By approaching your marketing efforts in a structured way, you will be able to target much more effectively, produce quality results and identify areas for improvement much more accurately.

Define USPs

Your marketing campaign should be based around your USPs and how you differ from your competitors. You need to identify what they are and use them to focus your positioning and messages. You need to establish what your target audience needs and how you can benefit them. Carrying out a robust market research campaign will help you to hone in on this.

Talk to Your Customers and Get to Know Them

Again, using market research, you can ask your customers or prospective customers questions to determine who they are as people. While every customer is different, you can start to build a profile of your average customer and use this as insight into who you should be targeting. You need to get to know all corners of your customer base in depth to fully understand what they want and how they want to be talked to.

Organise Your Budget and Adjust

Once you have market research results, set a budget and prioritise specific elements to ensure your campaign is as targeted as possible. You should be prepared to be flexible if certain aspects aren’t working as well as expected. If an aspect of your marketing campaign is underperforming, this is unlikely to change overtime. Take a look at your results, and move budgets around to support the areas of your campaign that are working well.

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