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It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’re in safe hands when outsourcing to specialists, but what if the company you have chosen isn’t the right fit?

More and more businesses are outsourcing their customer service operations, but many are overlooking practical and logistical barriers with their providers. Price will naturally be one of the primary concerns when choosing a company, but you should be looking beneath the surface of any potential partner.

Here are some key considerations when choosing an outsource partner…

Bigger is not always better

You need a company that’s big enough to handle your needs effectively, of course, but if you are outsourcing between 5 and 300 agents, you should be looking at a midsized organisation. Large providers may have as many as 200,000 employees, and if you are only looking to outsource a few hundred positions, your business may not be given the attention it should be. Conversely, you should also ask about your provider’s other customers. Which industries do they work with? How many other clients do they have? If they only have a handful, or a client which makes up over a third of their revenues, they may not be experienced or capable enough to handle your accounts.

If you have to offshore, make sure you nearshore

Partnering with a company offshore can work out cheaper in some instances, however you can end up compromising on quality. Unless offshore agents are native English speakers, there is the potential for customers to be misunderstood or for them to misunderstand the agent. This can aggravate already frustrating circumstances for your customers, leading to a negative experience. Your relationship with your providers must also be logistically convenient. Face to face meetings are still valuable, so the closer in proximity you are to your provider the better. If there are any issues regarding payment, it’s also useful to be able to deal in the same currency or contact a national or global bank.

Work environment is important

Many contact centre providers have a high staff turnover rate, but this can be counteracted with a strong working environment and hiring people with an excellent work ethic. The more engaged your provider’s team are, the more likely it is that it will be reflected in your results. Take a look at how we keep our team happy and engaged.

Ask questions about facilities

Make sure you see the call centre you are working with beforehand. If it isn’t possible to see it in person, you should at least request a list of your providers facilities and equipment and request a video tour or pictures. Your needs could change quickly, and your provider must have the capacity to adapt at short notice. Check how many seats and staff are available and whether the provider owns their own building. This gives them greater scope to scale up or change their operation if you need them to.

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