Subscriptions and audience development are the foundations of many organisations, however it can be a tough process to manage…

It can appear that subscription and membership campaigns don’t work for your business, but in reality it could be that they are not being directed properly, or not having the required manpower dedicated to them. Successfully managing your subscribers and developing your audience doesn’t have to be an uphill battle though. There are a number of simple practices that you can use as a starting point to help you craft your approach in order to succeed…

1. Look at your existing audience closely and try to determine who is coming back to you time and time again, and find out which of those are most likely to convert to a subscriber

2. Find out what your audience is looking for and what they want from you by talking to them and asking them questions

3. Tailor packages based on your audience’s wants and needs, not your preconceptions about what they’re looking for

4. It goes without saying, but provide excellent service to your subscribers and treat them as well as possible

6. Keep talking to them, and get to know them. You should always have an excellent idea of who is using your services

7. Prioritise your subscribers and consider devoting a significant portion of your time and budgets to getting to know them. It will take time and effort, but you should see this devotion to your subscribers repaid in the long run

8. Make sure you say thank you! Consider creating a loyalty programme for your subscribers to ensure they stay with you, and persuade potential subscribers to sign up

Ant Marketing have a wealth of experience in publishing, and have managed countless audience development or subscription sales campaigns. Our publishing division was one of the first departments that we set up at Ant, and it is one that continues to grow every year. Each member of staff in the subscriptions team is specifically trained in publishing, and we understand the goals of audience development executives. We work with our clients to achieve high reader retention and renewal rates as well as driving new reader acquisition programmes to develop reader lists and grow target audiences. Ant Marketing are compliant with all relevant audit requirements; BPA, ABC and DMA to name a few.

If we can help with your audience development or subscription sales campaigns, then please get in touch.


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