Before you kick off your marketing campaign, you need to be sure that your contact information is not outdated.

Did you know that 40% of your business-to-business data will have expired by this time next year? The following year will be the same and will continue until you take steps to improving your database. Managing and manipulating your data is no easy task though, and unless you are fully equipped to do so, large sections of your data could be worthless. What’s more, if you don’t keep up with ever changing data protection laws, your company could be landed with penalties. More on protecting your clients’ data can be found on our blog.

Out of Date Prospects

With the average tenure shortening each year, outdated information is likely to increase annually, emphasising the need for continuous data enhancement. Recent developments to our digital platforms have broadened our data profiling capabilities, meaning we can add more value to your existing database or assist in building a robust new one. Ant Marketing also employ dedicated data protection specialists to ensure that all data management complies with current legislation.

How Do We Do This?

We take our clients’ prospect data, then verify and correct the relevant details. We update the data records amending the details of decision makers, appropriate contact numbers, addresses and other important information. We then provide our clients with a clean, accurate and enhanced database, giving them the confidence they need to launch their marketing campaigns, ensuring that their budgets are being utilised in the most effective way possible.

To find out more about our database enhancement and building services, take a look at our services page here.

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