Customer loyalty and retention is what all successful companies are built on, but just how do we achieve this?

We believe that the best way to understand your customers’ requirements is to talk to them. If you are able to give your customers exactly what they want, then why should they look to go elsewhere? If we are talking about being a customer-centric business however, then you must tailor your business strategy to fit around your customers, and make an extra effort to build your brand around being approachable and available.

Here are some things to think about when creating a customer service strategy for your business…

1. Remember – all customers are different


It’s hard to devise a strategy that encompasses all of your customers; after all, your customer base will consist of many different ages, opinions and backgrounds. Delivering a personalised service to ensure you are engaging as many different customers as possible will help to build loyalty. The “one size fits all” model just won’t cut it anymore.

2. Identify value


All customers are valuable, of course. But there will be some who bring more value to your business than others. Identify who these people are, and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly to ensure your budgets are used as efficiently as possible. That doesn’t mean you can ignore those other customers though; you will just need to communicate with them in a different way.

3. Ensure everyone in your company is focused on the customer


Everyone throughout your business should be aware of your customer-focused strategy, and that should be reflected in the way they speak to and treat your clients. Most importantly, your customer service agents should be well versed in showing respect, patience and offering valuable and personal solutions to any problems your customers may face.

4. Consider all aspects of the customer experience


The product or service you are selling needs to meet the customers’ demands and expectations, but their journey through the sales process and the post-sale customer service must also meet these high standards (and where possible, exceed them). Every aspect of your customers’ experience must demonstrate to them that your business cares about them and is working hard to meet their expectations.

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