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Our appointment setting team has been a fantastic attribute of ours since starting in 1989. With the ever-increasing pressure for businesses to set successful appointments, we have opened a second department increasing our team by 75% so we can continue to book quality appointments for businesses like yours.

Appointment setting can be time consuming. Could your sales team be spending that time elsewhere? Yes. Whilst repeatedly trying to book that vital appointment, they are not meeting potential clients, they are not working with valued customers and they are not closing that all important deal.

Here are some crucial reasons why outsourcing your appointment setting to us makes sense:

  • We have a wealth of expert appointment setting staff.
  • We have developed a specialised audit team specifically for this department – our team is trained and has years of quality experience between them. Every appointment is 100% audited so you have the best grounds for the best appointments.
  • As every call is audited, you can have as much or as little visibility as you like. This can range from whether the call qualified or not, to call recordings, call notes and follow up communication.
  • No matter how good your sales persons are they only have limited time to fulfil many tasks and, sadly, appointment setting tends to take a back seat. Your selected agents would be devoting 100% of their time to booking meetings for you and your team, meaning the number of appointments would be far higher than when trying to do this yourself.
  • Trying to calculate ROI with your sales teams' bookings would be very difficult when they are stretched across many tasks. In real terms, sales persons are expensive appointment setters and their expertise could be put to better use elsewhere. At Ant, we guarantee extensive ROI. We are so confident in our team that we generally only charge per booked and qualified appointment.
  • Inside our robust appointment setting process, if fitting with your requirements, we can seamlessly integrate a range of digital services thus providing you with a one-stop, multi-channel appointment setting campaign.

Throughout that time it has been more of a partnership approach rather than supplier buyer relationship. Ant Marketing has been forward thinking in their ideas, flexible in the working practices and above all listens and takes on board input from us.

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