Our wealth of experience in publishing makes us a smart choice for your audience development or subscription sales campaign. Our publishing division was one of the first here at Ant and continues to flourish year on year. We remain the number one contact-centre choice for some of the largest financial magazines in the world and are gaining more and more global publishing clients each month. No matter what newspaper, magazine or publication you are selling, we can help you and can guarantee your ROI.

With each member of staff in the subscriptions team being specifically trained in publishing, Ant understands the goals of audience development executives. Our managers will absorb your expectations and requirements and drive these through the team while our experienced sales executives have the skills to recognise a fault or suggest any changes early on in a campaign ensure you get the results you want. We work with our clients to achieve high reader retention and renewal rates as well as driving new reader acquisition programmes to develop your reader list and grow your target audience.

We offer the best solution to support our client’s needs and meet their audience development requirements. Our services will be completed in the expected time frames and will be compliant with all relevant audit requirements, BPA, ABC and DMA to name a few.

Our core services include:

  • Controlled circulation registration.
  • Conversion of controlled circulation registration to paid subscription.
  • Directory building.
  • Membership acquisition.
  • Reinstating lapsed subscriptions/ subscription renewal.
  • Subscriber customer care.
  • Subscriber research.
  • Subscription acquisition by prospect list.

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