Managing and manipulating data is not a simple task if you are not fully equipped to do so. Do you really want to heavily invest in the best marketing campaign with new technologies, important announcements and exciting initiatives to waste it all on the wrong target market? Your campaign could sink or swim based on your data and with our expertise we guarantee it’ll be the latter. By outsourcing your data requirements to Ant you can be confident that we have the experience, the tools and the knowledge to do this for you. With ever changing data protection laws and guidelines it is easy to fall behind and make a vital error. At Ant we have in-house experts that are employed specifically so this doesn’t happen.

Did you know that 40% of your business-to-business data will have expired next year? The following year will be another 40% and the year after that will be the same! Despite these worrying statistics, marketing managers continue to absorb their budgets by targeting out of date contacts. With the average tenure shortening each year this figure is likely to worsen, putting even more pressure on correct data, thus emphasising the need for continuous data enhancement. Recent developments to our digital platforms have broadened our data profiling capabilities, meaning we can add even more value to your existing database or assist in building a fantastic new one.

How we can add value?

  • Data Build – we can purchase raw data on your behalf
  • Data enhancement – Decision Maker details, turnover, employee numbers etc.
  • Data Cleanse – bring your current data up to date
  • Data append – ensuring you have the correct market universe
  • Integrate with your in-house CRM
  • CRM build and design

Company Information

  • Company size.
  • Company turnover.
  • Industry sectors.
  • Website.

Normally, we take your prospect data and verify and correct important details from organisation contacts and prospective customers. We then begin updating data records with changes to decision makers, contact numbers, addresses and other important specified information. Finally, at the end of the process, we deliver a clean, accurately enhanced database in which you can confidently invest your marketing budget and resources.

We have always found them to be proactive and keen to make improvements at every stage, be it a new product or a well established one.

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