We understand that brand protection is crucial when receiving inbound calls, perhaps more important than any other points of telephone contact and marketing communications. People are going out of their way to contact you and therefore need to be treated with the utmost courtesy and professionalism.

We currently manage a wide range of customer service campaigns across multiple sectors. Importantly, we also have teams of agents trained for blended inbound and outbound calling activity. However, our Customer service expertise is not simply limited to receiving telephone enquiries; instead, we can fully facilitate a multi-channel approach with web chat, SMS and social media also playing important roles in maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

We also offer business continuity planning (BCP) services for our clients so that in the event of a crisis we are able to step in and become an extension of our clients’ own in-house customer service teams. Although we hope that incidents such as product recalls or power failures are a rare occurrence, our clients can rest assured that we will be available when needed the most.

Thanks to our 50 strong international team, our inbound services are available for your requirements across the world.

How we can add value:

  • We are long standing members of the Institute of Customer Service.
  • We are able to accommodate all forms of customer service across multiple channels.
  • We can have multiple agents continually on stand-by to be called on when needed in the event of a crisis.
  • We can offer customer service in multiple languages and dialects if needed allowing us to provide truly worldwide support.

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