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Whatever the product or service at Ant Marketing, we not only have the experience you need to make the most of this sales channel. We can also add value by, amongst other things, helping you refine products, sales strategy, sales message and scripts to deliver optimum sales results.

Critically, we focus on more than just response and conversion rates. Our systems and technology power our ability to deliver operational efficiency. Our CTI systems are designed to support our agents and keep call lengths and wrap times to a minimum, allowing us to drive down cost per sale. Our command of the technology and ability to analyse management information in real time allows us to react quickly to change, manage performance and productivity and it means we can highlight and resolve issues quickly.

  • Customer acquisition - acquiring new customers and generating new revenue streams.
  • Maximising revenue from existing customers – through upgrade and cross-sell campaigns to existing customers, increasing your existing revenue streams and profitability, at the same time building brand loyalty.
  • Customer Retention - retaining existing customers at point of cancellation or reinstating customers who have already cancelled a service, improving your customer loyalty and your bottom line.
  • Inbound response and enquiry handling – capitalising on your activity to drive inbound responses and enquiries, allowing us to use our skills and expertise to maximise your sales results while enhancing perception of your brand.

Case study: Appointment Generation for Global Banking Institution

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Ant Marketing continually strives to deliver a lower cost per appointment through consultative feedback and working in partnership with the client.



Return on investment in terms of revenue to direct cost.

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