5 Tips to Build Customer Trust

Developing customer trust and building long-term relationships are the backbone of a successful business. This is down to customer retention as opposed to customer acquisition. 


83% of customers say they’d recommend a business they trust, meaning it costs five times more to earn a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. 

Earning your customers’ trust not only develops the relationship between your business and your audience, but it drives sales as your happy customers do your marketing for you. 

But how can you build this trust? Well, we have 5 tips that will develop credibility and long-term relationships with each of your customers.  


1. Offer Immediate Value 

Many businesses believe that meeting their customer needs is sufficient. Quickly responding to queries, providing your intended service, these are all the basics of building trust with your customers. But is this enough? 


Instead of meeting expectations, offer value to your customers. Being proactive and offering more might not create an immediate sale, but it creates an investment as this trust will build over time between you and your audience. 


By offering insight and value before our audience asks for it, you are demonstrating that you can solve their business issues as a partner. 


2. Be Transparent 


Nothing can build trust more than consumers themselves. Customer reviews and testimonials always have more of an impact with new customers, as they offer a truly unbiased opinion. 


By sharing testimonials and reviews, you immediately start building trust by making your prospective customers more comfortable with your services. 




3. Create the Ideal Customer Experience 

Building the ultimate customer experience is the key to customer loyalty and retention. Having the dedicated staff available to offer high-quality customer service, offers this experience to your customers. 


With a well-trained team offering contact through multiple channels, your customers can receive consistent, quality responses which builds trust; as each interaction with your business is an easy one.  


4. Use your Feedback 

Companies that sincerely believe their customers’ matter, build loyal consumers. A simple way of demonstrating that your organisation trusts their customers is to ask for and act on feedback. 

By collecting feedback, you show that you value what your customers think and you appreciate them for more than just their custom. They are included in the decision-making process, they are part of your community and ultimately, they are invested in your company. 

By making improvements based on customer feedback, the relationship between business and customer goes both ways and develops trust between you both. 

5. Start with Clear Communication 


If you’re looking for trust, you need to start out by being transparent in order to match your customers’ expectations. From the first interactions with your brand, all sales copy and marketing should not oversell or exaggerate. This will alienate or overwhelm the audience you’re trying to nurture. 


Being clear about what you offer in your pricing and policies will offer trust. This is the first stage of your sales pipeline to loyal customers. 


If every customer knows exactly what to expect before they interact with your organisation, they can make that informed decision to go “all in” with your services.