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Ant Marketing was founded by Anthony Hinchliffe back in 1989.


The company started life with Anthony manning one phone line from his kitchen table in Sheffield.

Over the years we have developed a reputation for delivering successful marketing, research, sales and customer service programmes for our clients. This has enabled us to become one of the UK’s top telemarketing companies.

As Chief Executive Officer, Anthony plays a dynamic, hands-on role in the business. Overseeing business development and expansion, he continues to work closely with our key clients.

Company Ethos

Here at Ant Marketing we believe that if we look after our employees, they will look after our clients. By treating each and every employee with the same respect and appreciation, from our telesales executives all the way to our account directors, we maintain a rich workplace that is characterised by a culture of hospitality and hard work. From the very start we train our staff to an impeccable standard, ensuring they have all the key aspects that make a great sales advisor. We also identify the needs of each member of staff as we believe paying attention to our employee’ preferences helps promote a sense of caring, that who you are as an individual matters.

The inclusive community that Ant Marketing creates for its workers allows for the success of the company. Because of the amount of time and care that we invest in our employees we then generate highly trained and responsive telesales executives who deliver the work on our clients’ campaigns. With continuous guidance and regulation from our management team we are able to provide quality results.

Like our employees we treat our clients with the same thought and consideration, as we understand that the ‘one-size’ mantra really doesn’t fit all. At Ant Marketing we have an equally impressive management and account team that are there to cater to the needs of our clients. Most of which have been with Ant for many years and have progressed from the bottom to the more senior roles within the company. Our account management department actively support and impose the needs of our clients on our telesales teams ensuring we maintain our high client satisfaction rate. We believe it is important to adhere to our 8 core values when it comes to working with our clients to establish an excellent relationship and achieve great results.

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Reputation & Success

Ant is the UK's leading independent supplier of Customer Acquisition and Customer Experience services. With a 24x7, multi-lingual service, we can talk to your customers and prospects in their language, any time of the day, and through whatever channel they choose.

Our success has come from two principal focuses - our clients and our staff. We firmly believe that you can't have one without the other, which is why we have kept so many of each for so long!

Under new regulations, UK employers with more than 250 employees must publish their gender pay gap. Here at Ant Marketing Ltd we are committed to developing a culture that is inclusive, transparent and accountable. Read our Gender Pay Gap summary below:

Gender Pay Gap Summary

Our Own Charity

The Ant Kids charity was set up in 2009 to help and support disadvantaged, ill and socially deprived children in Sheffield. Since then, Ant Kids has continued to deliver support to those who require any extra help in order to maintain a good quality of life.

The charity receives constant support from Ant employees who host regular charity fundraising activities such as dress down Friday, fancy dress days, Christmas shoe box and toy appeal, department tuck shops and selling baked goods. One of our employees even participated in a 13,000ft skydive in order to raise money for Ant Kids! The money raised goes to help children in Sheffield with educational and sports equipment, financial support, free gifts and fun activities such as arranging a trip to the pantomime at Sheffield City Hall at Christmas time.

Our five core principals of client service

  1. We act as custodians for our clients' brand - we must enhance your brand image and build your customers' loyalty.
  2. We actively listen to our clients, and understand your business so that we can deliver exactly what is best for you with bespoke solutions.
  3. We keep quality at the core of everything we do.
  1. We focus on operational efficiency and continuous improvement so that we will continue to provide real value and market-leading service.
  2. We are a proactive partner, and use our expertise and experience to add value to any relationship.

Our five core principals of staff management

  1. Each and every employee is entitled to the same respect and appreciation.
  2. We have a responsibility to train, grow and develop our employees for a successful and rewarding career.
  3. Our employees must all be rewarded for our collective success and their individual achievements.
  1. We maintain a rich workplace that is characterised by a culture of hospitality and hard work.
  2. Ant is more than just a job - it's a major part of everyone's life and we must make it enjoyable.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sets out the steps we have taken to minimise the risk of modern slavery in our business and supply chains.

Statement 2022

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