Ant Kids 2020 donations

Ant Kids was founded in 2005 by  Anthony Hinchliffe. As a charity registered to Ant Marketing, the Ant Kids charity is dedicated to improving the lives of unwell or disadvantaged children in Sheffield. We aim to help disadvantaged children of all ages and backgrounds to improve their day-to-day lives and bring them happiness.

We want to take some time to reflect upon our most recent donations to local Sheffield charities through Ant Kids. We are thrilled to have been able to help many charities, even throughout 2020, despite the pandemic and restrictions which caused difficulty for so many.  


Donations to Chancet Wood & Rushey Meadows

Over the years we have supported Chancet Wood and Rushey Meadows, and continue to support them where possible. At the beginning of 2020, respite home Rushey Meadows required a replacement for an overused tablet, so Ant Kids provided new, engraved iPads to replace them. 


Chancet Wood required a new touchscreen computer to replace the old and tired PC used by the children. Due to its ease of use, this touchscreen would allow children who previously couldn’t use the PC to get involved.


Read more about our donation story here.


Bake Sale

As the pandemic began to ease in mid-June, we hosted a local bake sale to raise money, enabling us to provide additional equipment for the children’s homes in Sheffield. It was fantastic to see the amount of support shown by our local community and donations from local shops.  


Read more on how much we raised here. 


Laptops for Kids

Earlier this year we supported the #LaptopsForKidsInitiative. As schools across Sheffield adapted to online learning from home throughout the pandemic, many children were left struggling without the technologies needed to access their online learning. Ant Kids donated some of our laptops and equipment to enable all children safe access to the internet to continue their online learning.  


Read the full story here. 


Nether Green Junior School IR

Nether Green Junior School IR was recently in need of equipment for their sensory room, including sling swing swivel & frame, light tables, sensory tent with sensory lights inside and waterfall bubble tube to help children work on their physical, social and emotional targets. It will also provide children with spaces to have sensory breaks and a wider range of activities to support their play, as well as building an understanding of the wider world. We were honoured to receive a letter of thanks from both the staff and children from Nether Green Junior School IR. Towards the end of the year Nethergreen Primary, had a visit from Santa’s reindeer funded by Ant Kids after volunteers heard of the school’s plans to save towards the treat.


Read the full story here. 


Sheffield Children’s Hospital 

One of our most recent donations was to Sheffield Children’s Hosptial in December 2020, when we sponsored one of the glowing snowflakes which decorate the building around Christmas. In return for pledging to raise funds, each sponsor sees their snowflake sparkle on one of the sites around Sheffield. The award-winning snowflake display has raised over £1m for Sheffield Children’s Hospital, over the past seven years. 


Read about or full donation here.


All the work we do within our Ant Kids charity is extremely rewarding for staff and recipients alike. We can’t wait to be back to normal and able to support so many more charities throughout 2021. 

Sheffield Childrens Hospital Snowflake Appeal 2020