Helping improve customer experience

The customer landscape is constantly evolving.

Customer expectations are evolving quickly. Good customer service and experience is more important than ever, and keeping and growing customers is an ever-increasing challenge. At Ant, we not only know how to provide market-leading service to your customers, but we also know how to ensure their experience with your brand is a positive one.

We'll keep your customers for you, and help you grow them as well.

Customer service

Every client has different customers, and every customer has different needs. Whatever the requirement, we can serve them through the channels they want, in the language they speak, every hour of the day, and every day of the year.

We can also, with our sales-through-service capability, meet their evolving requirements, by up-selling or cross-selling them additional products or services.

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Customer experience research and social media monitoring

How do your customers feel about the service you provide them, and do you know what they are saying about you? With our research capability, we can run quick, effective outbound research programmes that will tell you what they think. We can also see what they are saying about you on social media.

Whatever we find, we will report back to you with actionable insights that will guide how you manage them going forward.

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Crisis Management and Business Continuity

A crisis escalates quickly if you don't have the right tools to manage it. At Ant, we have the ability to react quickly and establish a crisis management team to keep your customers informed and supported, and if your own contact centre becomes inactive, Ant can quickly step in and manage your operation from our own contact centre

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We’ve been using Ant Marketing for our outbound retention calls at The Economist for more than 20+ years. They understand our brand and we’re happy for them to represent us on customer calls. The Ant team are always very helpful and makes dealing with a pleasure to work with, they are reliable and keep me fully informed of my campaigns with their regular reporting.

-The Economist

Our services can develop your business through improved customer experience

Market Research

We know that market research is crucial to developing marketing strategies.

Customer Service and Experience

Ant has the experience and expertise to help you build strong, profitable relationships

Research and Social Media Monitoring

It is vitally important to understand what your customers think of you and your products