Why Calls are still Critical Marketing in 2021

Do you want to know why it still matters that you’re picking up the phone in marketing? It’s because your prospects are using their phones, tablets and laptops more than ever before. What does this mean for you as a marketer? Well, it means that people are always on their devices and they’re looking at social media all day long. 


Communication has become completely entrenched with technology, so much so that our lives exist just as much online as offline. This is what makes calls crucial, they provide a way for marketers to reach out to prospective customers in a casual manner. 


Phone Calls Aren’t Dead

A survey from Invoca found that 66% of millennials are likely to contact a company by phone, not just older demographics. The survey also found that when a company only has automated communications, with no option for human interaction, more than half of consumers (52%) feel frustrated and nearly one in five feeling angry. 

Just 16% said they enjoy that kind of experience with a brand. This confirms that offering consumers a way to have a conversation with your brand, whether that’s in person, on the phone, or via messaging – is vital to providing a good customer experience.

Call Tracking & Call Analytics

Call Tracking is a way for you to monitor your marketing efforts. You can use the phone numbers on ads, like those from Facebook and Google Ads, as well as offline promotions such as flyers or fliers in newspapers. These connections can then forward calls back to wherever they came from without any interruption of service at all.

Call Analytics is the method to collect, analyse, and report the call data that is tracked by a call tracking software. This also provides significant customer insights which are valuable for optimising marketing performance. 

Understand the Customer Journey

Mapping the customer journey has been one of today’s biggest marketing challenges. Without bridging the gap between online and offline interactions in order for businesses, we are not able to accurately measure how successful an experience was at different points in time, which can result in misguided marketing actions. 

In a world full of tech, it’s crucial we harness that power with genuine human connections, not instead of it, in order to develop the optimum customer experience for you and your company.