Helping Support The Cathedral Archer Project

Helping Support The Cathedral Archer Project

This week our CEO, Anthony Hinchliffe, dropped by The Sheffield Cathedral Archer Project to make a donation to the charity that helps support rough sleepers in Sheffield. 

The Cathedral Archer Project works with the homeless and vulnerable in Sheffield to help them find ways out of homelessness and exclusion. It welcomes people in to help change lives with services including things such as crisis support, medical support, development opportunities and more. 

Anthony nipped to the centre in Sheffield earlier last week to drop off his donations. 

Anthony said: “So, like everyone else, I thought I would do some online shopping and rather than drive to Costco. I spotted a pack of HEINZ Baked Beans, and I clicked, knowing that they would be used by my family.

When they arrived, I could hardly carry them! I had ordered the huge catering tins!

Note to self ‘Always check on the product size before ordering!’

My partner glared at me as I brought them into the kitchen, luckily I knew of a good place to take them, the Cathedral Archer Project.

I have always admired the team at CAP, incredibly dedicated to provide essential services to Sheffield’s homeless population. Their skills have helped people improve their lives enormously and the team deserve to be very proud of their work.”

Tim Renshaw, CEO of the Cathedral Archer Project, has said:

“It is the generosity of people such as Anthony, in Sheffield, that is making it possible for us to continue our work supporting vulnerable and homeless adults across Sheffield throughout the lockdown, as it enables us to ensure that as many people as possible continue to have access to food and support.” 

The Cathedral Archer Project is continuing to offer support at the moment, even through the lockdown, to anyone who requires their services to ensure they get the support needed. 

If you’d like to make donations yourself, please visit the Cathedral Archer Project website here on how to do so.