Managing Service Migration

Managing Service Migration

After having provided one of our longest standing clients with lead generation services over a number of years, Ant Marketing were asked to help the leading international merchant with a customer service project.

We were tasked with migrating 14,000 of our client’s existing customers onto a new platform and needed written authorisation from the customer to proceed with the switch. During this process, we also needed to maintain the client’s excellent reputation while mirroring their levels of customer service. Ant were working to a tight deadline of just a few weeks. After this time, if the written confirmation wasn’t received, then their accounts would be deactivated. This could have potentially caused a large dent in the client’s customer base.


Service migration has the potential to be a very difficult task. After the client had attempted contact with the customers in question via post and email, Ant were given the objective of contacting these customers via telephone. Within 6 weeks, we were able to successfully migrate 98% of customers on the new platform, which not only highlights the excellent work conducted by our team, but also the effectiveness and relevance telephony has today.


There were many challenges that we faced during the campaign, but due to our knowledge and experience in the industry, we were able to successfully overcome these challenges and produce excellent results for the client. For an in depth look at how we managed to do this, take a look at our service migration case study.